Composition from Pieces

I am usually at a loss for something to paint. I know what I want, but having no picture of my own for reference I will scour the internet looking for something.

Recently, I have been happiest when creating a composite image of things that I like, so I thought I would show how I approached one of my paintings

I knew I wanted an old man fishing by a pond, so I started with a photo of a pond from my neighborhood.

I knew I didn’t want the background to be all trees, and I want to open it up a bit, so I brought in some distant trees using photoshop

The combination of the two resulted in this scene.

With the trees in place I now had a big field to fill, so a barn was next.

The barn wasn’t facing the way I wanted it to, so I flipped it along the vertical axis and dropped it in the field.

Now the field still needed a few cows to add interest, so I brought these guys in.

Having dropped in the cows, it seems to be looking more real, now.

Every good pond needs a fisherman, So I found this guy and dropped him in on the shore.

Now that he is here, I took a disliking to his hat and erased it.

This hat is more to my liking.

A little photoshop magic, and now my fisherman is wearing the right hat.

Problem was that the barn was not reflecting in the pond water, so I needed to add that reflection in.

Because of all the photoshop work, there is mixed light and shadows, so this reference might be hard to paint from.  To fix that, I simply turned it into a line drawing.

And From that line drawing, I completed the painting.

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