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This site is a collection of watercolor paintings that I have done over the last decade, off and on. They represent a fascination with boats and a willingness to try different styles. Take a look around. Be sure to like or share anything that tickles your fancy.

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You may even enjoy some simple


Once in a while I will document a painting from concept to completion, because of its interest. If you are a new painter, there may be something here that will help you.

Other musings, activities, and goings on.

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When traveling through the desert recently we ran through Westmoreland, CA, population 2,200. Snapped a photo of Marco’s, the only taco stand, and only restaurant in town. Not sure what caught my eye at the

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Mange Ici (Sketchbook)

Mange Ici – From My Sketchbook

I was looking at some demo/tutorials from John Lovette (the artist, not the actor) on his website. There was a demo of this painting done in a different style than my own, but it did

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Boat Sketch

Sketchbook Boat Study

This was just a quick sketch done this morning in my Moleskin #90 watercolor sketchbook. It was done using Winsor and Newton artist paints, Sakura Koi water brushes, and Micron pens.  This may turn into

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