Watercolors by Scott Brown

Scottercolors is a collection of watercolor paintings that I have done over the last decade, off and on, and  they represent my fascination with boats and a willingness to try different styles. Take a look around. Be sure to like or share anything that tickles your fancy.

Watercolor Paintings

Browse my recent watercolor paintings which represent many subjects, styles, and techniques. Some are available for sale in both original and art print. 

The Smith Lake Collection

I spent a lot of time on the lake, lately. The result is a collection of fun images and especially memories, as well as a coffee table book of the entire collection. It is sort of like a Smith Lake Guide Book.

Watercolor line & wash
watercolor line and wash

Line and Wash

I often include ink as part of my watercolor paintings, known as line and wash. I find this to be a very fun style of painting, both in the activity and the result. 

Inktober 2018

Inktober is a world-wide activity that promotes creating an ink drawing everyday for the month of October. This was a significant challenge that resulted in some interesting results.

watercolor line and wash


I do accept commissions on a limited basis.  As this is a hobby for me, I can’t take them all, but if I have the time, I enjoy producing something that will become a family treasure.


Once in a while I will document a painting from concept to completion, because of its interest sometimes, and other times as a check of my process. If you are a new painter, there may be something here that will help you.